Monday, July 18, 2011


Sometimes my life is so exciting. I'll recount a little just to make you jealous.

This weekend, for example; I went to a yoga class. I shopped at two grocery stores and Targét (that's right, with an accent, I am THAT exciting). I hosted a play date and tried out a new frozen yogurt joint. Very swanky. I did all the laundry -- and folded it. I did some work and watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one on on-demand. In bed.

But the true highlight of my weekend was sorting through the toys in the playroom. I was possessed with a passion for organization -- a deep need to clear the clutter, and so I conquered my own personal Everest.

It only took all friggin' day.

I don't usually let it get this bad. I'd like to say that I'd let things get out of hand just because I've been busy -- which is true, but not wholly. The whole truth is that I've been avoiding this particular clear out because of what it means.

It was time to let go of the "Pretty, Pretty Princess" game. The little bouncy ride-on caterpillar. A lot of the baby books. Many of the stuffed animals.

It means that my babies are growing up.

It also means that maybe I need to slow down a little. I work so hard to help the children grow, and worry so much about how they are doing that maybe I am missing the things I will miss.

I think, next weekend, I'll put the work and chores off a bit and spend a little more time playing with the toys in the playroom. Now, that would be exciting.


  1. Hi Laura

    AZ here i just want to say that i enjoy reading your blog i have CP and NVLD which is similar to Aspergers Syndome i enjoy reading your blog

  2. So glad, AZ! It really means a lot coming from someone that has experienced life with these challenges first-hand!