Friday, June 1, 2012

Tigger goes to school

Today was a big day -- Simon and I took Tigger to school for the very first time! Our intention is for Tigger to start accompanying Simon to school every day in the next school year, but we really wanted to introduce Tigger to all of the students at Lutherville Lab as soon as possible -- because of they amazing way they have embraced Simon and all the fundraising through the Club Friends "Cents for Simon" campaign, I feel that Tigger belongs to them too.

I was a little nervous -- we were meeting some very important people in Simon's life and Tigger has been in an "adjustment" period of sorts with us --I wasn't totally confident he would be able to maintain his best service dog manners with SO many children and SO much excitement. Plus, we had a field trip to attend -- the kindergarten and first grade students were visiting a nursing home to sing songs and spread cheer. SUPER exciting!

I need not have worried. I am absolutely in awe of how well this puppy handled himself today. He listened to commands, was completely calm and professional the entire time (even when he saw squirrels!), and could not have been a sweeter more charming ambassador for service animals everywhere. So much awesomeness! Here's some pics!

We started our day in the school's television studio. Tigger, Simon and I were on the morning announcements! We introduced Tigger to the school and (at the teacher's request) I explained a little about how to treat a service dog when you meet him in the hallway of your school.

Ready for his close up.

Meeting some of the important ladies in Simon's life -- his special education and inclusion teachers and some of the administrators. It seems that BOTH of my boys are irresistible ladies' men...

On our field trip to a nearby nursing home. Throughout the school year the kindergarten and first grade classes have been sending cards and gifts to the residents as a service project. Finally, the kids visited to perform some songs and meet the residents in person. Tigger and Simon particularly liked "If you are happy and you know it do the disco!"

Freeze Dance! I totally lost Simon in the madness. That boy can freeze dance like a champ.
Tigger spread lots of love to the residents. He was incredibly sweet and gentle, and made more than one little old lady tear up. Sniff.
Back to school! The class had been told that after the field trip they would have a chance to pet Tigger and get to know him a bit better. Here they are lined up ready to each take a turn to pet Tigger. I really don't think Tigger could have been any happier. He was pet by so many sweet kids today (even Simon!) and he loved every minute of it!
One of Simon's very special friends. Can't you just tell how sweet she is in this photo? I swear Tigger is grinning.

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