Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I was tired and worn when I got home today -- a long photo shoot in 96 degree Baltimore weather had taken the wind out of my sails, so to speak (actually, there was no wind to begin with). At one point, I literally had sweat running down my back; which totally ruined the facade of calm, cool, and collected art director I generally try to go for.

However, when I came home and recapped the events of the children's day with our sitter; I was thrilled to discover another little miracle, which immediately restored my buoyancy. She told me that she'd scratched her leg, and when Simon saw the little cut he told her "Don't worry, I'll take care of you. Simon is a doctor." and he went to get his toy stethoscope to make her feel better (since that is what doctor's do).

Just like the first time Simon asked me a question, a little over a month ago (which, consequently, has become a regular occurrence -- he now asks where people are going all the time!), this seems like such a little thing from the outside, hardly worth a news bulletin (or a blog post). In fact, our sitter told me about it only because she thought it was particularly cute. And, it is cute -- but it is also indicative of a higher level of thinking.

Imagination and empathy are key to the human experience, and we are starting to see glimmers of them in Simon. I've always had glimmers of hope and optimism for Simon's ability to reach a higher level of communication -- but only glimmers, because I never wanted to get ahead of myself. I wanted to stay grounded and in the present so I could appreciate where we were. I don't want to harbor expectations that can lead to disappointments, or for that matter, to limits. But now, I find that with every instance like this, my hopes turn from vaporous glimmers -- there but not actualized -- into more solid forms. I'm both excited and nervous... but in my heart I believe that good things are headed our way, on the summer wind.

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