Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear Jaidon,

Before we came home and got the mail this evening, Simon and I were feeling kind of sad. Simon had just finished a really long day of school, and then had a long session of tricky speech therapy. He was really tired and grumpy from too much work, and his allergies were making him feel yucky, too. I was sad because Simon was sad. I sometimes wish that I could make things easier for Simon, so he had more time to play and just be a kid and had less work and therapy to do.

Then we came home and got the mail out of the mailbox. Right away, Simon noticed the really cool giant fish envelope and wanted to open it. (Simon thinks all the cool mail is for him right now, since his birthday is coming. It turns out he is right!) As soon as we opened it, all the gift cards came pouring out and we were both so surprised. I found your note and we read it together. We were so surprised by your gift, and we forgot all about being sad.

The letter reads: Dear Simon, For my birthday I wanted to do something special, so I wanted to collect gift cards for Tigger. I thought I could start you off with $370! I was thinking you could buy maybe a bed, a leash, food, and treats. I would also like to give you and Olivia the American Express and Visa cards to buy something fun that doesn't have to be a toy for the dog. I really enjoyed doing this and I think you are lucky because you get to bring Tigger to school. I wish I could bring Tod! Your Friend, Jaidon (Jaidon just turned 9 years old)

I think that, when you are having a bad day, the best thing in the entire world is to remember that you have friends that care about you.  It is even better to know that your friend is such an amazing person, that for his very own birthday he would choose not to get presents for himself, but to find a way to do something incredibly nice for another person. I think that a person that does something so very generous, and so very selfless, is actually something better than just a friend -- they are a hero.

So, Jaidon Smith, I want you to know that you are an amazing, incredible, super, awesome, one-of-a-kind, super hero. You saved our day, and I am writing this letter to you on our blog so that your act of kindness can save the day of everyone that reads about it from now on.

Thank you so much for being your (super hero) awesome self. We love you!

The Hatchers (Laura, Brian, Olivia, Simon and TIGGER!)

P.S. To Jaidons amazing, incredible, super, awesome, one-of-a-kind, super hero parents: I can only imagine how proud you must be. Thank you for all you do, and for teaching your kids to be the kind of people that will change this world for the better, one incredible selfless act of kindness at a time. You guys are an inspiration.


  1. Beautiful! What a wonderful end to a not-that-terrific day.

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