Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How Simon Had a Happy 6th Birthday

Last year, when Simon blew out his birthday candles, I made five wishes: for health...For continued progress: physical... cognitive... for happiness, and (most of all), for Simon to always be as loved as he was right then.  Though we have had some health setbacks in recent weeks, and though this year I confess that I made the very same wishes once again, I think I can say with some certainty that those candles more than fulfilled their promise from the year before. Simon's birthday weekend certainly gave us plenty of examples of how far we have come, how blessed we are, and what an amazing little guy we are lucky to call our own.

Though Simon got MANY presents, both he and Olivia know how to appreciate a good box. Simon showed off both a desire for social interaction AND some pretty groovy physical therapy skills by squashing his sister inside the box.
Speaking of presents -- our living room has been turned into a pirate's cove. I'm sure it will get old eventually, but at the moment I don't mind a bit. It seems that these toys are inspiring some great moments of PRETEND play using BOTH hands to help the pirates do important things like walk the plank, and bury the treasure.
To celebrate our big boy turning six, we decided to put together a kid party at our local indoor-bouncy-playground place. Simon requested (surprise!) a pirate theme, and so I created this very sea-worthy cake for the occassion.
I was pretty pleased with my cake -- but I'm afraid it was upstaged by an entire ice cream truck! Simon's school bus driver also owns and operates an icecream truck! He knew it was Simon's birthday so he made a special early season trip to our house to give Simon and some of our neighborhood friends a birthday treat. (Mr. Jobe can also visit your next special occassion if you are in our area -- www.jumpnjeff.com).
Finally it was time for the party at the bounce house! With two classes of friends it is safe to say we more than maxed the place out (thank goodness they didn't have a bouncer! get it! sorry...) Simon and the kids had a BLAST. I tried to get photos but they were all moving so quickly all I got were colorful kid-shaped blurs.
Like I said -- there were more than a few kids... to see SO many people come together to celebrate our Simon is more wonderful than I can say. Last year, I wished that he would always be as loved as he was then. The funny thing about love, though, is that it is exponential. The more you put out, the more it comes back -- and Simon puts out a LOT of love.
It isn't a proper party without a pinata.
Dearest Simon -- with each of your six candles I make a wish; for health, for safety, for progress both physically and cognitively, may you be happy, and may you always and forever be as loved as you are today.

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  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful writing, beautiful sentiment. (And I'm so impressed with your pirate ship cake!)