Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Full Time Job(s)

I feel a whole lot less invincible today.

My day went something like this: answer work emails for an hour, then place a phone call with the state about the Autism waiver waitlist (they are sending me paperwork to complete). Send a job to a client for review, then place another call to a private service offering social skills therapy (they are also sending me paperwork). Conference call with a client, then head to Simon's school to check out the Kindergarten Special Education Classroom. Visit in Simon's current classroom to see how he is doing and chat with the teacher. Meeting with the IEP coordinator at Simon's school to discuss options and diagnoses. Bring Simon home with me. Scarf half sandwich (had not eaten yet). Change clothes to more professional attire (no time for shower, thank goodness for ponytails) for class. Swill coffee. Eat a couple donut holes. Teach for four hours. Crash.

I'm on the crashing side of things right now. I didn't get nearly enough work done, but I'm too tired to be able to complete any meaningful task (therefore I apologize if this post is awful and whiny). I feel like my class was taught with less enthusiasm than I usually bring to it, but I'm feeling emotionally depleted after an anxious day of trying to plan for Kindergarten for Simon (and being unsure about the appropriateness of what is currently offered). Honestly, there is so much anxiety around the topic of kindergarten and new therapies for Simon I feel like my head might explode on a good day -- and today wasn't exactly a good day.

But all is not lost. Simon's current teacher and the IEP coordinator are great, and they are going to help me look for options. The representative from the private therapy seemed to think their services could help us without having us get a second mortgage on the house. My class did well today, even if I don't think I did, and and I'm grateful to have more business coming across my desk any day.

And, tomorrow is another day. I've set out my clothes and bag for yoga. I've got an early morning meeting planned, after which I will make a combo trip to the pharmacy and grocery stores (for quick to defrost meal options!), come home and pound out some work until late night when I can no longer see straight.  I can do this, I know it. I can find my way back to invincible, I just need to find my cape first (and maybe take a shower).

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  1. I've got a great surprise for u! (or so i think)

    see u friday!