Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shopping! iSimon's latest fave iPad apps & discount sensory products!

Through a blog reader (thanks Amy Filardo!) I was introduced today to the pretty darn cool website "Discount School Supplies." Being a family that goes through a ludicrous amount of paper and pencils, and buys glue sticks in bulk; I love the idea of getting school supplies at a discount. However, when I went to the site I discovered that they carry a whole lot more than glue sticks. They have everything from math books to teeter-totters, cool puzzles and toys, and (drum roll), special needs equipment! And it IS cheaper!

For this week, use the coupon code 15PCENT and get 15% off your order (even clearance). If you order over $79 worth of merch (easy to do, even on discount sensory products) you get free shipping! Yay!

Click here ->  Discount School Supplies

After you go crazy online shopping, check out some of these apps -- Simon has added to his list of favorites and requested that I let you guys know.

1. Busy Bee Preschool Zoo Train: This app gives you five really cute games for just a few dollars. There are puzzles, letter scrambles, a train whistle music player, a make-your-own train feature, and Simon's favorite -- the track puzzle. You match up the bits of track and when you are finished, the train is able to go around.. and around... and around...

2. Go George Go!: Help Curious George get dressed (match hat, shirt, shoes) and then help him navigate through a maze, where he collects fruit. The maze matches whatever outfit you put him in (ex. Space suit - George goes through space in a little rocket), and the fruit varies according to your level. Simon is at the banana level. At the end, you count your fruit and can play again! This game is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate, but it has been great for Simon's problem solving skills. He's learned to match up outfits to get the maze he wants, and he has learned how to make choices going through the maze to get the most fruit.

3. Madera & Figaro Save the Day by Lyn and Line: A really cute story with sweet illustrations and a high level of direction-following-needed interactivity. The characters invite you to help "Save the Day" in various ways, giving directions throughout. Simon most enjoys catching the fireflies, and baking the cake.

4. Thomas & Friends Game Pack: (Can you tell Simon likes trains?) More matching, puzzles, and mazes. Honestly, the Zoo train is a better app, but if you have a real Thomas fan this may be more motivating.

5. Faces iMake: Choose a face shape and then utilize the extensive menu of photo objects (everything from food to school supplies) to make faces. Very creative and accessible. You can also watch really cool videos of artists making faces out of every day objects for inspiration. The music is catchy, too...

6. Disney Puzzle Books: Cute, simple stories using familiar characters. Throughout the story, the text is broken up with activities (like simple puzzles, and seek and find). At the end, there is a matching game. We have "Mickey's Spooky Night" and Pooh's "What's a Bear to Do?"

7. Olivia would like me to add her favorite apps (though she does play with some of the ones above...) Brainpop is a great app based on the website of the same name. The app features animated educational videos covering everything from Civil Right's heroes to the Solar System, with quizzes at the end. She also enjoys Math Ninja and eyeMath, which are WAY more fun than Mom drilling her with flash cards.

8. Brian wants me to plug "angry birds" and "Gravity."

9. What are MY favorite apps? HA! Like I get a turn...

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