Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 17: Supination, Pincer Grasps and Pack Rats

Bringing your finger to meet your thumb is referred to as a "pincer grasp." The act of turning your wrist is called "supination." Both of these are necessary movements for so many little daily tasks -- from dressing and feeding yourself, to opening a door or turning the pages of a book.

Today was the first time Simon was able accomplish these subtle movements. With the barest assistance - just a tiny touch to the elbow, he came that much closer to self-reliance.

A pack rat is what I feel I've become, after sorting through a decade worth of paper.

Clearing up yesterday's avalanche of paperwork inspired a full-on studio clean out. In my desk, I found a copy of an email I saved from a dear college friend. She sent it to me the night before Simon was born, after I emailed to let her know that something was wrong with the baby and that he was being induced the next day.

This is what she wrote:

"Tomorrow the luckiest baby in the world will be born. He will be blessed with coming into a fabulous family who will love and support him throughout his life. He will have the most amazing parents who will be there with him through all of his milestones and achievements. He will have a wonderful sister who will teach him everything she knows. He will be surrounded by family and friends who love him every moment of his life."

At the time, with so much scary and unknown ahead of me, I thought the words were kind and her optimism brought me comfort.

Today, with so much behind me, they bear the ring of truth. Four years later, I know we are the luckiest family in the world, to be by Simon's side, witnessing the miracle of his milestones, surrounded by family and friends who love us all at every moment.

A slight turn of the hand, an old wish comes true, and little miracles happen every day.

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  1. This was GREAT to see. But where's the pickles
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