Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 18: The Hunt for Textured Underpants Begins

It's a good thing that this is a long weekend, because we sure have a lot of homework.

We met with the therapist today after Simon's session, and she reviewed the skills she wants Simon to continue practicing (more pincer grasps, supination and weight bearing exercises) over the weekend. In addition, she has added a new "section" for us to begin work with -- sensory play.

After our discussion Monday about a potential sensory disorder, Brian and I were both given a multiple-page Q & A to complete. (Additionally, we had a few more of these types of forms to fill out for a neuropsych evaluation we are in the midst of, also at KKI. I think this must be the SAT's of parenting. I really do hate multiple choice questions...) We handed in our "test" Wednesday, and our OT is currently scoring them and combining that information with what she has gathered from her independent observation of Simon. We will get the full review this Tuesday, but so far it seems that Simon is "text book" hypo-sensitive across the board, meaning that he is effected in most sensory areas.

The OT will be recommending a "sensory diet," more therapy options, and hopefully some strategies for how best to deal with some of the more challenging aspects of everyday life and learning for Simon. In the meantime, she's recommended a couple of new "text books" ("The Out of Sync Child" and "The Out of Sync Child Has Fun" for starters). We've also been given a handy chart with some ideas to start implementing now.

All of the ideas revolve around the concept of adding more sensation to Simon's day-to-day, minute-to-minute experience. Many we already implement, because we've discovered on our own that Simon is a much happier little guy with noise in the background and strong flavors on his plate. Other ideas are going to take more creativity to implement.

Anyone have suggestions on where I can find "highly textured underwear?"


  1. Do they make that waffle weave thermal underwear maybe?

  2. So, after a quick google search, I came up empty handed, but thought maybe you could get some of the thermal waffle weave long john pants and cut them off and hem to make boxer briefs?

    The other thought I had was flannel, if it's textured enough.