Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 31: SWEET!

"Sweet!" was Simon's word of the day. Where he picked it up, I have no idea, but it has become  his exclamation of choice.

"Sweet!" was the extra cookie I gave him after lunch, "Sweet!" was when Mommy joined him to play outside in the snow, "Sweet!" was the Elmo Monster Maker App I downloaded purely for his entertainment this afternoon, and, sweet was the day we had.

Despite the somewhat unexpected foot of snow we got last night, Simon and Brian made it to KKI this morning, albeit it a little late, for therapy. His regular therapists were snowed in, but we wanted to make sure that he gets as many opportunities to work with the KKI therapists as possible during these final days of the CIMT program (I still can't believe we are finished, and I'm a little sad to be finishing both this amazing program, and this blog, tomorrow).

Following therapy, it was pure snow-day fun around here. From cookie baking, to snowman making, to napping on the sofa with Daddy, we had all the wonderful that winter can provide, well past the date I would have told you I was tired of the cold and the snow.


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  1. I'm sorry that you won't be writing anymore. I wish that you would. I am learning so much from you. And I think that as you look back on what you've written, you'll have learned a great deal from and about your writings. :)