Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 20: Surprises

Sometimes, on the weekend, when I am awakened by a certain little person before dawn, I will longingly remember what it was like to sleep in on a Sunday.

While flipping multi-grain pancakes, I will reminisce about the days when I could linger over my french-pressed coffee following a late brunch with friends in a chic urban cafe.

Life before kids had a predictable rhythm. There were things I could count on, like happy hour on Friday and sleeping in on Sunday. There are some things I think I will always miss about those comparatively saner, and far more self-focused days.

They are long gone now. My coffee no longer comes from a french press. I wake up early every day, and I am the one taking the breakfast orders. But every day I spend as a mommy, I am reminded that the world can be full of surprises.